Why Wait?

Termites – why not prevent instead of dealing with the damage and expense they can cause? Most people’s homes are the largest investment in their lifetimes. Why wait until termites swarm or are found while doing home improvements. The damage may have already been done. Preferred Pest Control is on the leading edge of termite […]

What is a proper Termite inspection? Do you inspect inside and outside? What is the purpose of a Termite inspection?

A proper Termite inspection is the epitome of the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our technicians are trained and experienced to look for any signs of concern that may indicate a bigger problem that is not visible, or a future problem because of conducive conditions. Below are examples […]

Super-Termite Hybrids!

Earlier this year, researchers in South Florida discovered a hybrid species of termite bred from the Formosan termite and the Asian termite. While the Asian termite is not native to the Savannah area, the Formosan termite is sometimes a target of Savannah pest control, and both species are universally accepted as some of the most […]