Bats, Rats & Cats!

So many things can move into our attics and crawl spaces. Preferred Pest Control has seen everything: opossums, squirrels and other rodents, bats, and even people! That’s right – a technician was instating a new account that had an encapsulated crawl space. Going underneath the home to inspect, he found a water leak and a […]

Carpenter Bees

One of the least understood pests in Georgia, the Eastern Carpenter Bee is also one of the most common.  As its name suggests, carpenter bees like to make their nests in wood structures.  The carpenter bee is considered by many to be a nuisance pest, and we get calls about them regularly.  In this week’s […]

Vanishing Honeybees

Save the Vanishing Honey Bees! There is little doubt, bees and in particular honeybees are under stress. Most knowledgeable people agree there is a problem. What we need is good information gleaned through scientific study. As always, a sound strategy is based on facts. What are we doing? We caution against disturbing honeybees and most […]

Yellow Jackets

Recently, we had a customer that had some type of bee or wasp issue on their back porch. We dispatched a technician to inspect the problem. Upon inspecting the back porch, our technicians were quite surprised with what they found.   The customer had left two simple, paper bags of charcoal on their back porch […]

Great Golden Digger Wasps

Photo Source: Because of the broad variety of bugs, frogs, lizards, and snakes in Georgia, I have taught myself to watch the ground as I walk. The other day I was walking into a building and like always, I was visually scanning the ground in my path. All of the sudden a wasp-looking insect […]

Tips to Eliminate Mosquitoes

Spring has sprung in full here in the Low Country. Neighborhood streets are filled with playing kids, gatherings of friends and families, smells of barbeque grills, and other noises indicating people are outside enjoying this beautiful weather. Mosquitoes also seem to be enjoying this weather. They have begun to multiply, only making their pesky presence […]