Homeowner Tips for Discouraging Termite Activity

The following are tips from Preferred Pest Control, which help you to discourage termite activity in your home.  Please note, these measures will not prevent or control infestations. Moisture attracts Eastern Subterranean Termites. Moisture problems should be corrected as follows: Eliminate any standing water and its source. Keep gutters and downspouts clean, in good repair […]

Vanishing Honeybees

Save the Vanishing Honey Bees! There is little doubt, bees and in particular honeybees are under stress. Most knowledgeable people agree there is a problem. What we need is good information gleaned through scientific study. As always, a sound strategy is based on facts. What are we doing? We caution against disturbing honeybees and most […]

Do Bugs Hibernate?

Bugs Hibernate? It seems as though everything is looking for warmth and shelter heading into the upcoming cold months. While some bugs will find their way into our homes (see our previous blog “Happy Fall Ya’ll” on how to prevent the entry of insects/rodents) and share our heat for the winter months, there are other […]