Homeowner Tips for Discouraging Termite Activity

The following are tips from Preferred Pest Control, which help you to discourage termite activity in your home.  Please note, these measures will not prevent or control infestations. Moisture attracts Eastern Subterranean Termites. Moisture problems should be corrected as follows: Eliminate any standing water and its source. Keep gutters and downspouts clean, in good repair […]

Wolf Spiders

Lately I have been seeing more and more wolf spiders around my home. Apparently, I’m not the only one. So I decided to do some research of my own. Wolf spiders are usually brown, tan, or gray with dark stripes on their hairy bodies. They are usually one to two inches long. Their camouflage color […]

Continuing Education

You ask about continuing education, and I say yes. The Georgia Department of Agriculture requires that all technicians attend a set amount of training within the field to keep up to date on safety regulations, rules, regulations, and any recent changes. It is also a vital part of Preferred Pest Control, as a company. At […]


Are ants driving you crazy? Do you feel like you are the only one with an ant problem? Well rest assured that you are not alone. The most commonly reported pests in the United States; ants are the root cause of a variety of different household issues. Enticed indoors by opened food products, sugary substances, […]