Professional Wildlife Services

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal Services

The Savannah, GA area is lucky to have such an abundance of native wildlife. But when one of our native creatures decides to become an uninvited guest, it’s time to call in a wildlife removal professional to escort them off the premises.

Preferred Pest Control offers humane wildlife removal services for all of our native species. Our wildlife removal technicians are licensed professionals, and we use methods approved by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, capturing and releasing animals back into their natural habitats. So you can actually tell your kids the truth about what’s going to happen to the “adorable” squirrel that accidentally made its way into your living room.

From alligators (maximum of 4 ft.), to squirrels, to raccoons, let us handle the tricky and potentially dangerous task of relocating your unwanted visitors.

If you’ve come into contact with wildlife and think you may have been exposed to the rabies virus, you need to seek medical attention right away.  You don’t have to be bitten to contract rabies. If an animal’s saliva or nervous system tissue comes into contact with an open wound, a scratch, or your mouth or eyes, you could be infected. Don’t take a chance! See your doctor as soon as possible.

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