Are Pest Control Treatments Safe?

The first thing that people think when they hear “pest control” is CHEMICALS! Something that can kill bugs, snakes, and mice must be extremely dangerous, right?? You are correct – some pesticides can be dangerous! That’s why our technicians at Preferred Pest Control are highly trained and licensed to treat your home.

In their training, technicians are taught to practice IPM (integrated pest management). When practicing IPM, technicians are taught to seek out evidence of pests and only use pesticides when necessary. By finding the root of your pest problems, they can make an educated decision on whether pesticide use is warranted or not. When looking for evidence of pests, they check well-known harborage sites while also keeping an eye out for newly-settled harborage sites. Safety is a top priority for us – we rid your home of pests while keeping pets and little ones out of danger. When applying pesticides and treatment products to areas of your home, we make sure to keep them out of reach of nosy hands.

Store-bought treatment methods should be considered dangerous, solely because anyone can purchase them. Not only can these chemicals be dispensed unsafely, but you may also be using too much! Leave it to the experts and be sure that your home is being treated safely! When you begin service with Preferred Pest Control, you will change your first thought from “pesticide s” to “peace of mind”. You won’t have to deal with pests, chemicals or worries about safety. We are here to keep your home pest-free in the safest and most effective manner.