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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Pests 

We'll handle the pests so you can enjoy life

Protect Your Home from Silent Destroyers: Termites

Preferred offers comprehensive termite solutions to protect your home

Enjoy the Outdoors With Fewer Mosquitoes

Don't let mosquitoes diminish your enjoyment of the outdoors

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Preferred Pest Knows
How to Keep Pests Away

We've been doing it since 1988

Licensed and Trained Experts

Our Pest Specialists are trained in Integrated Pest Management, and the proper application and handling of all products.

Effective Pest Management

Preferred Pest Control has provided customers with effective pest management with Southern hospitality for more than 30 years.

Locally Founded & Operated

Founded in Savannah, the people we service aren't just our customers - they're our neighbors, friends, and family.

Customer-Focused Company Culture

We focus on you, our customer, in all we do and are committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering reliable results.
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Quarterly Pest Control

Effective Pest Management

We go the extra mile in providing pest protection for you and your family. Our team understands the struggle to preserve a pest-free environment amidst life's obligations. Whether contending with ants, spiders, silverfish, or roaches or simply wanting to be proactive, Preferred is ready with the expertise and commitment to shield your household from unwelcome invaders.

Our initial service includes a thorough inspection and treatment of both the interior and exterior of your residence or commercial space. Subsequently, our quarterly visits prioritize exterior treatments, targeting entry points to deter bugs effectively.

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Termite Protection Is A Must

Reliable Termite Solutions

In the battle against wood-destroying organisms, Americans invest more in termite prevention/services/mosquito-control and repair than any other pest. Particularly prevalent in the Southeast, subterranean termites pose a significant threat. Termites can silently wreak havoc, causing costly damage before you even know they're there.

It's not a question of if termites will strike but rather when they will. Be proactive. Have peace of mind and ensure the longevity of your home with our comprehensive termite protection solutions from Preferred.

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Mosquito Reduction Services

Enjoy Fewer Mosquitoes This Year

Mosquitoes are known for their bothersome bites, inducing itching and discomfort. Beyond disrupting outdoor enjoyment, they also present health hazards through disease transmission.

Say goodbye to those irritating pests when you choose Preferred and our knowledgeable team for effective mosquito management. Enjoy the outdoors without worry with our trusted mosquito control services.

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Your Home Is Your Castle, Not a Home for Pests

Let's target your pest concerns and deal with them once and for all.