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a couple of ants on a rock


Scientific Family: Formicidae

Ants are the most commonly reported pests in the United States, and they are the root cause of a variety of household issues. Enticed indoors by opened food products, sugary substances, and even dead insects, these opportunistic insects can squeeze in through any available crack. Within only a short span of time, a small population of ants can become a flourishing colony. For this reason, action should be taken immediately if the beginning stages of a colony are found.

An ant infestation can infect many different household functions depending on the species. There are thousands of different species of ants worldwide, but the four most common in our area are Argentine ants, carpenter ants, red imported fire ants, and pavement ants. Each has its own niche in ant society, and each is harmful in its own special way.

The carpenter ants are the largest of the four mentioned above, measuring out at five-eighths inches long. As implied by the common name of the species, carpenter ants nest in all kinds of wood. Unable to metabolize the wood themselves, carpenter ants instead rely on the wood only for a habitat, removing the wood to make room for a nest.

Unlike carpenter ants, which are diminished in size, pavement ants can cause very much the same problem for household structures. Though they prefer to nest in the cracks of pavement, these ants are natural opportunists and will nest in any available building- which opens the door for an infestation in your home.

Red Imported Fire Ants are perhaps the best known of the four mentioned species and are so-called for the pain of the stings they can inflict when threatened. Building large mounds out of dirt, they have little interest in wood structures. However, when an unlucky passerby stumbles across the nest accidentally, the reason for their pest status is made readily, painfully apparent.

Pharaoh ants are the smallest species of the four listed, measuring out at only one-sixteenth inch long. Attracted by sugar, grease, and dead insects, pharaoh ants are common invaders of hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. These insects are vectors for all kinds of diseases, with Staph infections prominent among them.

All species of ants can be pests in their own way. In the case of the pavement and carpenter ants, the problem arises with structures. Fire ants and Pharaoh ants are more directly harmful to humans, striking with painful stings and potentially deadly diseases. However, effective pest control treatments for all ant species have been developed. With the simple call of a professional pest control exterminator, problems can be dealt with in the most efficient possible manner.

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