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We Keep Pests Away So You Don't Have To Worry

Prioritize your family and home with pest control solutions from Preferred. 

Relax and leave the pest control to the pros at Preferred

Quarterly Pest Control

Providing reliable pest management solutions since 1988.

Our Pest Specialists receive thorough training in Integrated Pest Management, ensuring expertise in the field. With our specialized knowledge, we can effectively and efficiently minimize pest activity in your home.

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Pest Control That Works

Quarterly pest control treatments offer Georgia homeowners consistency, long-term cost savings, and preventive and curative measures against pests.

Our Quarterly Pest Control Program shields against a range of common pests, such as ants, centipedes, earwigs, mice, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, roaches (excluding German roaches), and others.

You can relax knowing your home is protected from pests throughout the year. Our professional residential pest control service ensures the safety of your home and loved ones from unwelcome pests.

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Stop Pests Before They Enter

We utilize a targeted, environmentally responsible approach to pest control, Integrated Pest Management.

Our knowledgeable Pest Specialists utilize cutting-edge methods and environmentally friendly solutions, diminishing the risk of infestations and lessening our environmental impact.

During your initial service, we conduct a comprehensive inspection and treatment of your home's interior and exterior. Subsequent visits will prioritize exterior treatments, targeting entry points for pests. If you have any pest issues between services, we will retreat at no additional charge.

Sit back and let the experts handle it

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You Ask.  We Answer. 
Your Pest Questions Answered

We have the answers to your frequently asked questions.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) represents an eco-friendly strategy for pest control, blending education and training. This approach employs biological insights specific to identified pests. IPM ensures the most comprehensive and environmentally sensitive pest management method by combining gathered information with advanced pest control techniques.

Why do I still see pests in my home?

It's normal to see some pest activity after service. The treatment flushes pests from their hiding places or shelter, and they come out to die. Additionally, occasional insect intrusions can occur. Recognizing the persistent pest pressure in our area, we offer a guaranteed Quarterly Pest Control program to address such occurrences. We will retreat at no additional cost if you encounter issues with your regular service.

How are pests getting inside my home?

Insects are professionals at survival, exploiting any gap, crack, or crevice they encounter. While achieving a completely pest-proof home is challenging, our pest control service involves a thorough inspection by a specialist. We identify potential entry points and conditions conducive to insect infestation, helping to mitigate the problem.

Are the pest control products you use safe for me, my children, and my pets?

Our expert Pest Specialists carefully assess each situation and incorporate Integrated Pest Management strategies to minimize exposure risks while optimizing product effectiveness. We always follow the label for the application and handling of the product. It is best for humans and pets to not touch the application area until after the product has dried.