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a close up of a spider


Scientific Order: Araneae

Spiders are a variety of arachnids that strike fear in the hearts of many humans. The spider is a frightening creature assuredly, but it also serves an important function in the food web. They actually perform their own kind of pest control, preying on potentially harmful insects such as flies and cockroaches. However, the problem arises when these spiders begin to harm humans.

All species of spider are venomous, but only a select few have the ability to deal substantial harm to humans. In fact, only two species in Georgia are capable of delivering fatal bites: the black widow and the brown recluse. While they are comparatively mild when considering some species of spider that are not endemic to Georgia, black widows and brown recluses nonetheless take the lives of a slight few each year. Thus, any bite received from one of these spiders necessitates immediate medical treatment.

Brown recluses and black widows both have features that distinguish them from any other variety of spiders. The black widow is perhaps best known for the red hourglass that is present on the ventral section of the abdomen in females. Brown recluses also possess an hourglass, but it is much darker and is instead located on the dorsal section of the abdomen. Both species prefer dark surroundings and so often times make their homes in unfortunate locations- the insides of shoes prominent among them.

While there are many species of spider native to Georgia, only the above two are incredibly dangerous to humans. However, it is always the safest solution to seek out medical attention when bitten by ANY spider, no matter the species. The presence of spiders can be a positive thing when dealing with the outside environment, but should an unwanted spider be found inside your home, seek out a professional pest control company to deal with the problem efficiently.

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