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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about pests and our services

What makes Preferred Pest Control different from other companies?

Preferred Pest Control was founded in 1988 by Tim and Gloria Jones, and we have been hometown proud ever since. Our focus is on the best value for our customers. Since Preferred Pest Control was born and raised right here in Savannah, we're experts on the pests unique to this area. Our team uses the same modern technology that big companies use, but we do it with the friendly customer service of a small business. Because we are a locally owned company, our customers aren't just clients. They're people we see every day: neighbors, members of our churches and teachers at our children's schools. We strive to always give them the very best pest control in the low-country area.

Are your products safe to use around my children and pets?

Yes! Our customers are like our family, and we want to keep each and every one of them safe. All our pest control technicians have been trained in proper application and handling of all the products we use. We strictly adhere to all government regulations and EPA standards. Our purpose is to protect your family and investments by helping to prevent or exterminating those pesky little pests.

Why should I hire a professional when I can buy pest control products at a hardware store?

That's a very good question. Hiring a professional isn't necessary for some instances. If you see one wasp, fly or ant in your house, there's a good chance you don't have an infestation. But if you see one flea, bed bug or termite in your house, it IS very likely that you have a major problem on your hands - one that could cost big bucks if it isn't eradicated as quickly as possible. If you spot a flea, bed bug or termite, call us right away! As far as regular pest-control maintenance, hiring a professional is the only responsible course of action. Pest control is what we do! We know all the right application areas, where bugs hide, and what products work best to get rid of them. And more importantly, professionals are trained in proper application and use of pest control products, so we know EXACTLY what to do to kill the bugs while still keeping you and your family safe.

How often should my home be serviced?

This really depends on the conditions around your home. Homes that are situated in wooded areas, surrounded by trees and bushes, or tend to have lots of door-opening traffic (think of a house with children constantly running in and out to play) may need to be serviced more frequently. Only a trained professional that inspects your house and yard could give you a truly specific answer here.

Why do you need to inspect my home before you give me a price?

Quotes for residential pest control services normally can be given over the phone. However, to give the most accurate quote for termite and bed bug services, an onsite visit is required.

Are your services backed by a guarantee?

Absolutely! If we treat your home and you notice a problem between regularly scheduled service calls, we'll come out and provide an additional service for free. Preferred Pest Control proudly earned its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we intend to keep it! But don't take it from us. Check out our BBB rating here: www.bbb.org/preferred-pest-control-in-savannah-ga.

I’m thinking of buying a home. How can I know that it doesn’t have termites?

Buying a home is a huge investment, and we want to help you make sure your money is well spent. Preferred Pest Control offers termite inspections free of charge. Our inspectors have all attended University of Georgia's termite school so they can provide you with the best service available. Another important service we offer is an Official Wood Infestation Report. Both of these are absolutely necessary when you're thinking of buying a home.

How do I recognize termite damage in my home?

Telltale signs of termite infestation include areas of soft wood, tiny mud tubes on your home's foundation, and blistering of wood structures. Just because your home doesn't have wood siding doesn't mean you're safe. Termites can find their way in and around plaster, metal siding and more to reach the wooden studs holding up your walls.

Do you provide any services other than pest control?

Yes! We offer an array of services besides just pest control. We have developed an excellent treatment strategy for bed bugs that we can tailor to your needs. We also inspect for and treat wood destroying organisms including, but not limited to, termites and wood-boring beetles. We also provide crawl space maintenance services and floor support jacks for sagging floors.