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Outdoor Enjoyment Guaranteed with Effective Mosquito Control

Preferred offers expert control of mosquitoes & gnats.

Leave the Mosquito Control to the pros at Preferred

Local, Professional Mosquito Control

Are pesky mosquitoes turning your outdoor oasis into an unwelcome breeding ground? 

Preferred Pest Control is your trusted partner in creating an environment with fewer mosquitoes and gnats. Our team of Pest Specialists employs the latest techniques and eco-responsible treatments to target mosquitoes at every life stage.

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Oh, The Mosquitoes

Enjoy the Outdoors With Fewer Mosquitoes

Mosquito activity in the South can be particularly intense, especially during the warmer months. In the Savannah area, this is March through November. The combination of high temperatures and humidity of our beautiful home creates ideal breeding conditions for these pesky insects.

Mosquito Barrier Treatments by Preferred Pest Control are a cost-effective approach to killing mosquitoes in all stages of life, not just adults.

As a homeowner, here are a few things you can do to keep mosquitoes away:

  • Reduce the areas of standing water around your home
  • Maintain a mowed lawn

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The Mosquito Control Service

Regular Treatments During Mosquito & Gnat Season

Using a mist blower, we will treat harborage areas, such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest. Our mosquito service also includes the larviciding of breeding areas. We are careful not to spray edible vegetation, koi ponds, or other sensitive areas, and will inspect your outdoor area for mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Our licensed and trained Pest Specialists will complete mosquito treatments approximately every four weeks during the season.

Say goodbye to those irritating and potentially dangerous pests with our comprehensive mosquito control solutions. Our mission is to help you reclaim your yard and enjoy the great outdoors without the constant annoyance of mosquito bites.

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Why Choose Preferred For Your Mosquito Control

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach: Our mosquito control services are rooted in the principles of IPM, ensuring effective and eco-friendly pest management.
  • Tailored Programs: We customize a mosquito control program to suit your needs, guaranteeing optimal service and outcomes.
  • No Mosquito Traps, Dunks, or DIY: Rest assured, we steer clear of mosquito traps, dunks, or do-it-yourself methods, relying instead on professional-grade solutions.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Our products are environmentally responsible, organic, and biodegradable products, prioritizing the health of your surroundings.
  • Comprehensive Mosquito Control: Targeting mosquitoes at every life stage, from larvae to adults, we adeptly manage populations for lasting relief.
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Mosquito Control Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To All Your Buzzing Questions

What can I do to reduce mosquitoes around my home?

Aside from our mosquito control service, here are additional steps you can take to eliminate mosquitoes around your home:

  • Regularly replace standing water in bird baths, ponds, or pools at least once weekly to minimize breeding sites.
  • Flip over empty flower pots, children's toys, and any other objects that could collect water to prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed short and regularly remove weeds and overgrown vegetation where mosquitoes like to hide.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes to reduce shady areas where mosquitoes can rest.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to moist environments, so avoid overwatering your lawn and gardens.
What is the season for mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes hibernate during winter and return when the temperature rises during the spring, which can be as early as February in coastal Georgia and surrounding areas. Mosquito populations peak during the summer when it's the hottest, so bug spray or treatments are extremely important during June, July, and August. The season winds down around November.

How long will a mosquito treatment work?

Our mosquito treatments typically provide protection for 3 to 4 weeks. However, factors like weather and environmental conditions may affect the duration of effectiveness. Rest assured, our monthly mosquito barrier treatments come with a guarantee. If you have issues between services, we will retreat at no additional charge.

How long do mosquitoes live?

On average, mosquitoes have a lifespan of approximately 2 to 4 weeks, although this duration can vary depending on factors such as species and environmental conditions.