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DIY vs Professional Pest Control?

DIY vs Professional Pest Control?

When I encounter something I know little about, the first thing I do is turn to Google. If you see pests in your home, grab your phone and do a few quick searches. In just a few minutes, you will see there are various options for exterminating your home. The top 3 options are natural remedies, DIY (do-it-yourself) products, and professional intervention.

A popular option is to use items you already have at home. You don't have to go anywhere, so treatment can begin immediately, and the upfront cost is $0. Unfortunately, these systems don't always work, and effects may wear off after a short period of time. The next option is to purchase a product from the store to handle the pest issue yourself. Do you know how often to use these products, where to place them, or if they're even going to handle the infestation? If not, you may need to turn to the experts and call a pest control company today. Without this basic knowledge, your efforts may be stifled, and pests will continue to thrive. Your call today will give you the information you need, specifically catered to the pest issues you're experiencing.

While talking about at-home and DIY pest control, we found it necessary to talk a little about foggers (aka "bug bombs"). Foggers are an at-home type of fumigation that can be purchased at your neighborhood home improvement store. Pesticides are pressurized inside an aerosol can and then dispersed openly into the environment once engaged. Pesticides are then left on anything you leave open in the fumigating area, and that could include your bedding, TV remote, laptop keyboard, hairbrush, etc. Some companies use fumigation techniques, but here at Preferred Pest Control, we avoid the use of bug bombs and fumigation.

We strive to create a safe space free of pests each time we service your home or business. By using IPM (Integrated Pest Management), our technicians apply products ONLY when needed and ONLY in inaccessible areas. The knowledge your pest control technician holds is invaluable. To get rid of pests without the dangerous risks of using bug bombs or other DIY pest control products, call a professional today. We can't wait to get your house feeling like home again!

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