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Understanding the 4 Types of Spider Webs

Understanding the 4 Types of Spider Webs

Spiders are creepy. No one wants them crawling around their home or covering their porch with spider webs. We love making sure your home is free of pests, and we can provide excellent spider treatments as well as spider web removal at each visit. If you're interested in learning more about spider webs, continue reading.

There are four main types of webs used to identify spiders: funnel, tangled, sheet, and orb. Most spiders you find are not dangerous, but it's helpful to know what is in your surroundings. You may not see any spiders, but webs are everywhere!

Funnel Web - The most common type of spider web. Characterized by its funnel shape: narrow in the middle, widening on the sides, resembling a cave opening. Funnel webs are usually found low to the ground in wooded areas or places with dense plant coverage. Family: Agelenidae. Common name: Funnel weavers/grass spiders. Popular spider: Hobo spider.

Tangled (Cob) Web - Commonly found in dark, unused spaces around your home, such as attics, corners, piles of wood and rubble, and basements. There is no definable pattern, and it is often called a "cobweb". Family: Theridiidae. Common name: Tangle-web spiders. Popular spider: Black Widow spider.

Sheet Web - This type of web looks like a white sheet hanging between trees, in bushes, or on top of grass. The strands are woven horizontally and may be very dense. A sheet web may also look like a bowl, with the middle curving downward. Small spiders often use this web. Family: Linyphiidae. Common name: Sheetweb/money spiders. Popular spider: Bowl & Doily spider.

Orb Web - Circular-shaped web that is usually suspended between trees. These are most visible with a bit of morning dew and are commonly encountered while trekking through a wooded area. Orb webs resemble a wheel with a spiral center and "spokes" leading from the center to the outer edge of the web. Family: Araneidae. Common name: Orb-weaver spiders. Popular spider: Yellow garden spider

While we've included a family for each type of web, please note that each species has its own web-weaving tactic.

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