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Control Blowflies on Your Own

Control Blowflies on Your Own

Flies are one of the most annoying bugs in southeast Georgia. Their dirty habits and ability to easily transmit diseases make them a pest you absolutely do not want in your home. We've compiled a list of tips to control flies on your own, specifically blowflies.

Blowflies reproduce and deposit eggs on or in breeding sites. When the eggs hatch, they become what is commonly known as "maggots." Maggots can live off old meat or animal carcasses.

First, you will want to kill any adult flies with a fly swatter or catch them with a sticky trap. Next, remove any breeding sites: old garbage and rodent or bird carcasses. Lastly, you should remove everything that is infested and place it in a sealed garbage can outside your home.

For preventative maintenance, exclude any holes or areas where flies may get in. Keep a sticky trap up in the summer months when flies are most active to kill them before they reproduce in your home.

While Preferred Pest Control does not treat flying insects, we will gladly inspect to find the issue and educate you on how to keep these pests out of your home. We do not suggest or condone the use of chemicals or store-bought pesticides to control flies, as they are more dangerous than they are effective. Call PPC today if you have any questions about blowfly control.

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