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Did your house have an accident??

Did your house have an accident??

Customers ask, “Do I have a termite bond, contract, agreement, or warranty?”  we try to simplify the answer, and treat termite programs like insurance.

Once an initial termite treatment is completed you have an annual renewal.  This renewal, in most cases, covers an inspection and retreatment if necessary.  On premium programs it will also cover repairs if needed.  This renewal is like paying yearly for a protection plan on your home against termites. 

Some companies adjust renewal rates based upon the age of the program.  The further away from the initial treatment date, the higher the renewal rate becomes.   Unfortunately, some home owners drop their coverage due to exorbitant renewal rates. 

If you are wondering if your renewal rate is affordable, if you have a good plan, or if your program covers repair costs, have a Preferred Pest Control termite technician go over the value of your current program.  The cost of the evaluation is free, but the knowledge gained is very valuable. 

Remember earlier when we said termite programs are like insurance – an annual fee for protection?  That’s where the similarities should end.  BEWARE – a new scheme costing unsuspecting home owners thousands of dollars that has just become popular among some pest control companies.  It’s called the repair deductible clause.  By adding a repair deductible to their program, pest control companies try to reduce their expenses by passing the cost onto the customer.  Some of these deductibles can be steep – up to $1,000 per occurrence.  It’s a shame to see that a company would charge a deductible to its customers, taking yet more money for an already tragic event.

Just imagine paying a renewal rate of $150, then being told you have termite activity, and oh, by the way, your contract has a repair deductible of $1,000.  That’s a whopping $1,150 for a termite program that in the past ran only $150 per year.

A good company places value in its programs.  An annual renewal is a normal event, but having to pay a repair deductible for termite activity is not.  Your house did not have an accident, so why should you have to pay a deductible?

Preferred Pest Control always seeks to provide valuable programs to its customers.   Check our rating on the Better Business Bureau.  Remember, for a free evaluation of your current termite program, contact Preferred Pest Control today.  Check back soon to find out more information concerning our termite programs and warranties.