Don’t Fear the Swarm

Every year with the hint of spring, we enter termite season.  Why do we call it termite season?  Usually in the early spring, the termite cast members known as “swarmers” leave the colony to reproduce.  This can happen in early to late spring or sometimes in fall if the conditions are optimal.  This is the only time that termites appear outside of their normal hidden environment.  Termite companies’ telephones ring off the hook with complaints of a massive insect invasion.  In most cases, this would be identified as termite swarmers.

Believe it or not, these customers are the lucky ones.  They have come home to see thousands of swarmers dead against window sills trying to exit their homes.  They have been fortunate enough to find out that their home is under attack by termites.  You see, termites swarm generally in the late morning or early afternoon hours while most people are away from their homes at work.  If these swarmers exit to the exterior of the home, the homeowner may never know that their home is being destroyed from within.  While there may be a mess to clean up and bad news to be delivered, those customers who find swarmers within their home are actually the lucky ones.  They are lucky because they can now take measures to eradicate this costly problem.  So, I remind you this spring, don’t fear the swarm – if you see what looks like a massive eruption of flying insects, call Preferred Pest Control for a free inspection and evaluation.