Exterior-Only Pest Control: Keep Pests Out!

Short on time? Need service now? Preferred Pest Control now offers exterior-only pest control service. You’re probably thinking, “does exterior-only service keep the bugs away?” The answer to this question is YES! Most pests enter your home from outside, so a preventative service on a regularly-scheduled basis could be just what you need to keep your home pest-free.

We have different plans that include visits from once a month to once every three months. Depending on your lifestyle, location, and various other factors, you may need a “get my house under control!” treatment or just a preventative service. We are here to assist in whatever service option you need. If you have many guests in your home, you are at a higher risk of pests entering your home. A monthly service (exterior-only or interior and exterior) would probably be the best option for you. If you are retired and stay home most days, your risk is low, and an every-other-month or quarterly service plan would probably work well for your home.

With our exterior only (EO) service plans, we will treat the exterior of your home each time your service is due. We know that occasionally a few pests may get into your home, so if you need a one-time interior treatment – let us know! A one-time service is included in your plan. A major benefit of EO service is less calls from us! We do not call to schedule our EO services every month, you don’t have to be home, and you don’t have to leave a key out for your technician. If you do not have pest control service or are overpaying for your current service, give Preferred Pest Control a call today!