Flea Free

With all the moisture and heat, it’s that time of year again – flea time. A problem most people will have at one time or another. Go on vacation for a couple of weeks, and you may come home to fleas, fleas, fleas. They can be stopped with the proper treatment and patience. After we treat, it can take 2 to 3 weeks to break the cycle. That’s where the patience comes in. Customers sometimes do not understand why it can take some time to eliminate the problem. “You just serviced my home. Why do I have fleas still?” The pesticide, along with an insect growth regulator only kills the egg, the larvae, and the adult fleas. It does not kill the pupae because it is in a protected cocoon that pesticides cannot penetrate. That is where the 2 to 3-week treatment time comes in. So be patient and Preferred Pest Control will get rid of your fleas.