Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Okay, I love dogs. I have loved all my dogs. The back yard contains many of my favorite companions.

Anyways, let me get to the subject at hand – your dog’s food dish. One day, while feeding my dog, Sissy, I noticed a bad odor. The area was clean, so I followed my nose to the source of the odor. To my surprise, it emanated from Sissy’s food dish. The dish appeared to be clean, but it was made of a material that was porous and it had absorbed food particles which had caused the bad odor. Then I thought about how much better my dog’s sense of smell is than my own. I quickly remedied the situation with a new bowl for Sissy.

Placement of food dishes is something to consider. Do not place them near your vehicle. If you provide food and harborage, then comes mice or rats, and then comes snakes to feed on the rodents.