House Mice: Sneaky & Dangerous

House mice can be a major problem in any home. Since they survive in almost any environment, can eat anything readily-available, and can survive on minute amounts of water, amateur extermination can be difficult. Most people do not see mice in their homes since the nocturnal rodents are active while their home owners are sleeping. It is important to look for evidence of mice in your home, especially if you live in an older building. Evidence of mice include: droppings, nests made of shredded paper or cardboard (or other fibrous material), and mouse tracks.

Mice can be harmful to those with severe allergies and asthma. As mice scurry through your home, they leave behind a urine trail and skin dander that both contain these allergens. Asthmatics may be having trouble breathing at home and not know the source of their extreme respiratory problems. If you see a mouse in your home, take action by calling Preferred Pest Control! We are here to take care of your pest control needs and can rid your home of pesky rodents.

Mouse nest (photo by Ada Eban-Rothschild)