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How Can Dragonflies Benefit You?

How Can Dragonflies Benefit You?

When is the last time you saw a colorful, flighty dragonfly outside? They are usually most abundant in the summer, after morphing from nymphs to adults. Dragonfly nymphs thrive in freshwater and may spend years in this stage, while adults only live about 1-2 months.

As you read this, you may be wondering if the flying insect you saw yesterday was a dragonfly or its commonly mistaken relative, the damselfly. Dragonflies are usually larger than damselflies, and their wings are perpendicular to the body, whereas damselfly wings are parallel to the body.

Dragonflies are a great insect to have around your home, as they are predators and eat insects that would normally bother you. Some of their prey include moths, midges, butterflies, and mosquitoes. If you have any questions about insects in or around your home, give Preferred Pest Control a call. We would love to supply you with any information you may need!

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