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Invisible Water Leaks Attract Unwelcome Pests

Invisible Water Leaks Attract Unwelcome Pests

Your bathroom sprung a leak last month and while you thought you cleaned it up well enough, there is a water spot just underneath the floor. It is invisible unless you’re in the crawl space, so it’s no big deal, right? If termites, carpenter ants, roaches, ants, and springtails sound like fun house guests, then you’re right – it’s no big deal! If by chance, you’d like to live without these household pests, then you need to contact a licensed termite technician to evaluate the damage today! At Preferred Pest Control, we can inspect your home, treat for pests found, and prevent their return.

While some household leaks may not cause any damage, you will want to be sure that no excess moisture is left to attract unwelcome guests. Termites will tear through wood and spray foam insulation, springtails congregate in large numbers, and roaches carry diseases and cause problems with asthmatics.  Act today and schedule a pest control treatment with Preferred Pest Control to avoid these pests in the future – you never know what problems you’ll face, so protect your home today!


Water leaks can cause major problems

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