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Latest News on Bed Bug Disease Transmission!

Latest News on Bed Bug Disease Transmission!

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The purpose of our blogs here at Preferred Pest Control is to keep you, the consumer, informed on the latest news in the market. In this Tuesday’s blog, we wanted to make sure you knew of a terrifying new find, straight out of the University of Pennsylvania – bed bugs, previously considered a nuisance pest, are capable of transmitting the deadly chagas disease! My technicians and I specialize in bed bug control, and we want to make sure you know why our service is so important.

Check out the article here: http://www.newsweek.com/bed-bugs-could-spread-deadly-heart-damaging-chagas-disease-285066

Chagas is a disease that affects the tissues around the heart, increasing the chance of heart disease, and it has long been considered a deadly epidemic in Central and South America. Until quite recently, this slow-developing disease has been solely attributed to the kissing bug, which is rarely found in the interior of structurally sound homes in the United States. However, the latest studies indicate the possibility of transmission via bed bug, a scary prospect given that bed bug populations in the United States are currently soaring!

Now, this research was conducted on laboratory mice, so the chagas disease might not be able to travel directly from bed bugs to humans. However, no research so far has indicated to the contrary, and the risk is unfortunately very high. Working in the industry since 1988, I want to reassure you that this pestilential menace is easily taken care of – we are the leaders in the Savannah area for bed bug control.

Give me a call at (912)-236-5135 and make me your pest services company today. I can purge your house of a bed bug infestation, and make sure you are pest-free and protected from chagas!