Neighborhood Watch

Think about the last time you had to stay at home with the kids.  It’s a good time to see what takes place around the neighborhood during the day.  You look out the window and see your neighbor’s pest control company pull into the driveway.  The friendly face steps out of the truck walks around the house and leaves.  The technician’s total time spent there is about 5 minutes.  Later that day, you find out that the pest control company was doing their annual termite inspection.  Wow! Five minutes for a termite inspection that costs around $150 to $300 per year.

Termites just don’t enter your home from the outside –  they find tiny cracks within the slab and can do damage to your home. Within crawl spaces, termites tunnel up piers finding entry points to the floor joists and subfloors. The value of a good termite inspection is an ounce of prevention.

Preferred Pest Control’s termite inspectors do complete inspections, interior and exterior.  We enter into every home we have under coverage.  We look for conditions that are inviting to termites: water leaks under the home, roof damage, firewood or scrap wood against the house, and other conditions that might cause termite activity.  Would you rather have an inspection that stops the issue early on, or one that allows the conditions to deteriorate causing further damage?  So be a good neighbor, and tell your friends about Preferred Pest Control and the value and protection they provide their customers.  Remember – the value of a good termite inspection is an ounce of prevention.