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Pest Control Professional or Household Remedy?

Pest Control Professional or Household Remedy?
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Many families in the Savannah area have been living here for decades (in some cases, even centuries). That is the beautiful thing about our area, we have a history stretching back hundreds of years, but it does come with its inherent problems. There are households in Savannah that predate all of the local pest control services, and so rely on the “traditional” method of pest control – the do-it-yourself model. What stops a consumer from going straight to the hardware store, purchasing pesticides to treat his or her own home, and skipping the “hustle and bustle” of dealing with a professional pest control company? Let us explore the two options together in today’s blog.

The decision between treating your own home and having a professional do it is one predicated on safety and responsibility. Certainly, there are situations when professional services are not required – in the event you sight a single wasp, for instance – but a vast number of scenarios are indicative of a potential infestation, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. The advantages for calling a registered professional are innumerable, but we will discuss the primary reasons below:

Guaranteed Extermination

If you call us out to destroy an infestation, we will destroy it. Whenever you purchase over-the-counter pesticides, you risk only partially exterminating the colony of pests due to cheaper products and unskilled application. Also, storing the products can be a dangerous affair. Keep in mind, the products used to kill insects are poisonous if consumed in large quantities – you have to store them away from children and make sure they are distinctly labeled and kept up with. Calling a trained pest control professional mitigates this risk by cleaning out your infestation and cleaning up after ourselves, making your home safe and secure without pests or mess.

Residual Agreements

Many of the products we use to clear out a pest infestation are made with a residual. They are designed so that a colony of insects will be destroyed and a new colony will not immediately spring up in its place. In addition to this, we offer signed agreements to extend a guaranteed residual over a certain amount of time, most often a month. What this means for you is – if you see signs of a re-infestation within that month, we will come and treat it again, free of charge. Were you to pursue your own pest control, any re-infestation would have to be treated with costly extra chemicals from your hardware store.

Seeing Sights Unseen

Our registered technicians are trained to spot signs of all varieties of pest infestation while they do a service. If you have us at your house treating ants, for instance, our trained professional has his eye out for signs of termites and other destructive pests. Therefore, when you call us out to do a service for you, you are also receiving something of an inspection as well (though, of course, not an official one). Having a trained professional in your home who can pick up on these signs that you might not have noticed is invaluable, and makes professional pest service that much more requisite.

If you decide to make the responsible decision and have a registered pest technician service your home, make sure to call the best in the pest control business. Since 1988 I have been able to keep my same personal motto – I have never let a bug beat me. Call Preferred Pest Control at (912)-236-5135 and make us your pest management company today!