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a rodent on the ground


Scientific Order: Rodentia

Rodents are placental mammals that are almost the symbol for disease transmitted by mammals. Making up 40% of all mammal species worldwide, rodents were instrumental in the spread of the Black Death in Europe in the 1300s. The years have not cleansed the rodents of their nasty habits, and they still carry more than 35 diseases that they readily transmit to humans.

Individual rodents can often be easy to deal with. A simple mousetrap will suffice in most circumstances. However, rodents breed almost like insects, and an infestation is much harder to exterminate. Many species of rodents, rats prominent among them, learn quite fast, and traps will usually only work on a small number of individuals.

Rodents often do not spread disease alone. Insects that feed off of the blood of their hosts, most commonly fleas and mosquitoes, will spread disease from the rodent to another animal or human in the area. Also, bacteria love to breed within the nests of rodents, and any disturbance of the dust may throw up millions of pathogenic particles into the air you breathe.

Rodents are nothing to mess around with. They can cause structural damage due to their need to constantly gnaw on objects, and they are some of the most prominent disease carriers in the animal kingdom. If you think there may be a rodent infestation in your home, do not hesitate to call a pest control company to come investigate the issue. The investigator will deal with the rodents and the droppings and nests they may have left behind. Remember, the price of staying silent with rodent issues can be lethal.

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