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a fly on a leaf


What Are Fireflies?

Did you know that fireflies, or lightning bugs, are actually a type of beetle? Fireflies are a type of soft-bodied beetle, commonly recognized for their bright presence during the nighttime. These bugs contain bioluminescent organs located under their abdomen that produce a chemical reaction, allowing them to illuminate. This light sends signals to a potential mate and warns off potential predators.

How Do Fireflies Survive?

A firefly's diet contains worms, snails, and sometimes other fireflies. They can also feed on pollen and nectar. When attacked by prey, fireflies release a drop of blood with toxic chemicals. However, this toxic chemical does not phase the photuris firefly species that are known to prey on other fireflies.

Fireflies undergo each of the common stages of development; egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. Firefly eggs are laid on top of or beneath the surface of the ground, where the larvae will hibernate until the spring. The pupae stage only lasts one and a half to two weeks, after which the fireflies will become full adults.

Are Fireflies Bad For My Yard?

Fireflies have proven to be very beneficial for many gardens. This is because they eat many types of pests, including different types of worms, slugs, and snails that may be damaging your plants. Fireflies pose no danger to humans.

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