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Rodents are coming this fall…

Rodents are coming this fall…

Leaving for work this morning, I stepped outside and felt the breeze blowing.  The morning breeze was slightly cool, which was a delight after going through another summer here in Savannah, GA.  As beautiful as this cooler weather is, it does come with its fair share of problems.

When it starts to cool off in the fall, the warm-blooded animals start thinking about finding shelter for the upcoming cold, winter months (and no, I do not mean your family ?- I mean rats, squirrels, mice and other vermin).

Just like everything else, Preferred Pest Control is well equipped, educated, and trained to handle these problems.  Most of these problems can be handled efficiently and with little cost to you.  Preferred Pest Control can also perform exclusion work to prevent re-entry of these rodents we are speaking of.

There are no rodent problems too big or too small.  Preferred Pest Control can handle these rodent issues on both residential and commercial properties.

Please call us today for any rodent issues and become a Preferred Customer.