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Rodents & The Weather

Rodents & The Weather

The South is growing and the North is shrinking.  Every day, people are moving South to get away from the cold and wintery conditions.  We are warm blooded creatures and we do not like the cold.  Like us, rodents are also warm blooded and do not like the cold.

Now I can’t say that most of the rodents in the South moved here from up North, but what I can say; regardless where they came from, rest assured rodents will move into your house if they can find a way in when it gets cold.

Preferred Pest Control can prevent this from happening.  Most structures can be rodent proofed so rodents cannot enter the structure.  If they are really determined rodents, and do manage to get inside, Preferred Pest Control can fix that problem also.

So regardless if they are Northern or Southern rodents, give us a call and Preferred Pest Control will prevent and/or fix your rodent problems.

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