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Integrated Pest Management
Garden City, GA

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As locals ourselves, we love the welcoming suburban atmosphere of Garden City. However, the warm and humid climate also invites various pests, making pest control a necessity for locals. From relentless mosquitoes that disrupt outdoor activities to destructive termites that threaten the structural integrity of homes, Garden City residents face an array of pest-related challenges. Additionally, ants, roaches, and rodents are common nuisances that can invade homes and businesses, compromising cleanliness and comfort.

Whether it's providing Quarterly Pest Control services for residential properties, protecting homes or businesses from termite damage, or providing Mosquito Control services for outdoor events, we're committed to delivering exceptional results. Preferred's Integrated Pest Management practices allow us to keep pests including ants, roaches, termites, and mosquitoes, where they belong...which is not our home! We provide year-round protection to homes and businesses and peace of mind to locals.

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About Preferred Pest Control

We have been with Preferred Pest Control for years! All of the technicians have always been courteous and reliable, but Kegan is a real pleasure!

- Holly M.

Very professional! Awesome staff! I have been using this company for years. I miss Roy I trusted him to even spray my house when I was not at home.

- Tyhisha K.

Will was very nice and informative. They got me on their schedule just 2 days after I called and was very helpful and willing to come back if needed but assured me it should get ride of the bugs after 2 weeks and I was sure he'd have to come back but right at 2 weeks they finally were gone.

- Stephanie O.

We had a bed bug infestation at a Tybee beach rental. James Sullivan responded very quickly and provided excellent service. Since we had a management company, James consulted with their pest control company and did not even charge us for his time and expertise.

- June J.

James and Preferred Pest Control currently provide pest control for my home and my rental properties. They have always been knowledgeable and professional with any issues that needed resolution and my tenants continue to report friendly and effective service.

- Regenia H.

Preferred Pest Control has done a great job on our property. They are alway very responsive and we appreciate how quick they come out to take care of any immediate needs.

- Melissa P.

We had a major rodent infestation and needed it handled quickly. The fine people at Preferred Pest Control of Savannah were able to eradicate the issue. From the moment I called and spoke with Maggie, she helped assure us in a situation that truly started as a nightmare, the rest of helpful staff came out and had things under control in no time!!!!! Helpful and effective from start to finish!!! Highly recommended to anyone in the Savannah area!!!

- Lana J.

These guys were great! I've dealt with a lot of customer service in my days, and Maggie is by far the nicest person I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We bought a new home and soon discovered it was infested with cockroaches. Being from a northern state originally, I've never seen a cockroach in person. I was disgusted, but these guys came out and dealt with it quick and clean. So far not a single nasty little roach has come back, definitely give these guys a chance if you have any kind of bug issues. And ask for Maggie while you're at it.

- Patrick M.