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Why is it important to get a Home Inspection or Termite Inspection?

Are you thinking of buying a home? Congratulations! But before you sign those papers, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth with a home inspection.

We offer FREE termite inspections for potential home buyers. Since even thousands of dollars’ worth of termite damage can be practically invisible to the naked eye, it’s imperative that you bring in an expert to inspect any property before you buy it. It’s imperative that you protect your investment for the future so it makes sense that you prepare yourself with a termite inspection of the property beforehand.

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Our official Wood Infestation Report will give you the peace of mind you need to sign on the dotted line. Should you need an official Wood Infestation Report issued for your property, there will be a nominal fee.


What is a Wood Infestation Report?

A Wood Infestation Report (often referred to as a termite letter) is made official by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which is the enforcement agency for the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission. Although not required by law, a lending institution may want assurances as to past and present conditions relevant to the report before approving a loan. A Wood Infestation Report may bring to light the presence of a previous or current infestation and/or conditions that favor future infestation. Usually, the property purchaser is responsible for obtaining and paying for a Wood Infestation Report to transfer property. In the case of a refinance, the property owner is responsible.

Preferred Pest Control has been offering free termite home inspections in the low country area for more than 25 years, and we are well respected by real estate agents in the area who know the value of our services. All of our home inspectors have attended the University of Georgia termite school. They know everything there is to know about how to spot termites and their damage, so you can feel confident in the reliability and accuracy of your home inspection report.


Wood Infestation Report Sample – Click to View