Termite Prevention & Termite Control

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Take care of your Savannah, GA Termite Problem!

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to structures each year. Don’t let your Savannah home be the next casualty!

Termites destroy structures by eating the wood they’re made of to get their main source of food: cellulose. Termites are small, white insects that tend to burrow up into a structure from underneath. Many times, homeowners are shocked to discover that termites have caused thousands of dollars worth of structural damage before they even realized they had a termite problem at all. With our termite treatment services, we can ease this burden.

So don’t wait until you see a termite to call us. If you do, it may already be too late!

The low country’s warm, moist climate isn’t just attractive to tourists. The environment of Savannah and the surrounding region is ideal for termite colonies. You may see swarms of what look like flying ants in the spring, but if you look closer, they are probably termites.

Preferred Pest Control’s termite control plan uses the most effective termiticide on the market today – a revolutionary non-repellant called Termidor. Termidor is completely undetectable by termites: they can’t smell, see or taste it. When a termite comes into contact with Termidor, it carries it back to the colony, killing every termite, including the queen, who can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day. Termidor is designed to be slow acting, giving the termite enough time to return to the colony before Termidor takes effect. This is what makes termite treatment so effective.

All Preferred Pest Control employees are Termidor Certified Professionals with the knowledge and experience to know exactly where and how to apply Termidor to stop termite infestations in their tracks.

In addition to regular home treatments, we also offer preconstruction treatments that pre-treat the foundation as it is being built, maximizing protection for the life of the structure.


The Termite Warranty

We offer some of the best termite treatment and termite control warranties. We offer “repair and retreat” and “control only” options with no deductible. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your investment is protected.

Our repair and retreat warranty is our premier warranty. We will inspect your property once per year. If any treatment is required for termite control the warranty provides this at no additional charge, as well as any necessary termite damage repairs. We have no deductible – enough said.

Our control-only warranty is our bare-bones policy.  We still inspect the property once per year, and if any termite treatment is required, the warranty provides this at no additional charge. However, this program does not cover damages.

Different Savannah pest control companies offer different warranties. When comparing termite treatment warranties, we strongly suggest you scrutinize them carefully. Small print caveats can render a warranty useless. For example, a “hidden damage” exclusion makes most warranties worth nothing, as almost all termite damage is hidden. What is very important to realize is that the Georgia Department of Agriculture strictly regulates all termite treatments but not warranties, so buyers beware. Remember to read the warranty carefully before selecting a termite pest control service company.

We provide information and options for our customers. We can address any of your concerns and then decide the right course of termite treatment for your home.


What is an Official Wood Infestation Report?

An Official Wood Infestation Report (WIR), commonly called a termite letter, documents current termite infestations or lack thereof and brings to light conditions that favor future infestation.

WIRs are not required by law, but many mortgage companies will require one before lending on a property. You may need to purchase a WIR if you are buying or selling a home. We recommend that you do so you will know the integrity of the property you are purchasing and if it has suffered any termite damage.