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Summer Weather Brings Ticks

Summer Weather Brings Ticks

It’s summer in Georgia, and that means the bugs are out – namely, ticks! With lots of fun outdoor activities, be sure to check yourself and any companions for ticks at the end of your adventure. Five major species of ticks reside in the Southeast United States: American Dog Tick, Black Legged Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Gulf Coast Tick, and Lone Star Tick. All are capable of transmitting diseases to humans, so be cautious while fishing and hiking this season.

Take the following steps, as listed by the CDC, to keep ticks out of your home and the surrounding area:

  1. Remove piles of old leaves from your yard.
  2. Clear tall grass and brush & mow yard frequently.
  3. Stack wood neatly and in a dry area.
  4. Keep large trash items out of the yard.

If you find a tick on your family or pets, gently remove it with a clean pair of tweezers and call your doctor. Next, give Preferred Pest Control a call so we can treat your yard for these pests. Prevention is key, so if you live near a wooded area or have wild animals around your home, call us before any trouble arises!

American dog tick

Blacklegged tick

Brown dog tick

Gulf coast tick

Lone star tick