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The Deadliest Animals in the United States

The Deadliest Animals in the United States

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Most of my reading of late has consisted of subscription magazines like Pest Management Professional, but I like to search the Internet sometimes to keep updated on the most recent studies and trends in our industry that concern Savannah exterminators. Yesterday morning I came across a Washington Post blog where the author ran a comparison of average human deaths caused by different animals across the United States, and the deadliest of all might surprise you.

The deadliest animal is neither a shark, nor an alligator, nor a bear. It is a group of stinging insects consisting of bees, wasps, and hornets.

Check the article out at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/06/16/chart-the-animals-that-are-most-likely-to-kill-you-this-summer/

The article contains many unexpected points – the one about cows, for instance, completely struck me by surprise. But the fact that stinging insects cause more deaths than any other animal seems obvious. To me, a colony of organisms potentially numbering in the many-thousands, within which each individual can deliver a venomous, painful sting, is a force more to be reckoned with than any other I can name. But much of the reason I became an entrepreneur in the Savannah exterminating industry is that most people do not possess the education to share these sentiments.

Here at Preferred, stinging insect calls are some of the most common calls we receive. In many cases, they are also some of the most frightening. I have seen some of my technicians who specialize in stinging insect removal emerge from a nest with a swarm of yellow jackets literally covering every inch of their bodies. In the back of my head the thought never ceases to arise that, had they not been wearing the protective suits we outfit them with, the chances of them surviving an encounter of that magnitude are slim, allergy or no allergy. It is true that the majority of deaths as a result of stinging insects are associated with severe allergies, but a sizable portion of these deaths are caused simply by direct toxicity, especially concerning children and the elderly.

Unless you are a geared professional, please do not attempt to personally exterminate a large colony of stinging insects. They are the deadliest animals in the United States and should always be dealt with by a professional Savannah exterminator. If you are currently experiencing problems with stinging insects, call us at (912)-2356-5135 and make us your trusted pest services company today.