Tips from the Better Business Bureau

In the pest control industry, the key to success is always staying on top of the most recent trends and practices throughout the market.  Sometimes, in our endeavor to research this goal, we broaden our search to markets nationwide, focusing on those states which have similar climates (and therefore, pest problems) to our own.


In today’s blog, I wanted to share an article I found that was written by a member of the Better Business Bureau in Texas.  It covers very prudent information about pest prevention and choosing a pest services company that you could benefit greatly from.


In the article, the author is putting forth tips that may reduce your dependence on a pest service company.  So why might I, an individual who heads one of these aforementioned businesses, be broadcasting it to you?  I share this information because our business operates differently than most other pest control companies.


I entered this industry in 1988 with one goal in mind: to wake up every day knowing that fewer people had pests invading their homes than the day before.  Sometimes, a pest services company needs only to give you the tips presented in the article.  Store your food in closed containers, keep your home de-cluttered and clean, and do your research.  There are many situations when, for whatever reason, prevention did not keep away all the pests in your home.  In cases like these, direct pest treatment may be necessary.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


In the second half of her article, Heather Massey explains the research you should conduct regarding all of the pest services companies in your particular market, as well as the steps you should take when making your agreement with the company you select.  In addition to these recommendations, the BBB itself grades businesses based on a number of factors like customer service, value, and professionalism.  We are proud that Preferred Pest Control received and has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


If you are looking for a pest services company that looks out for you without taking your money into consideration, you have found the one!


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