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Vanishing Honeybees

Vanishing Honeybees

Save the Vanishing Honey Bees!

There is little doubt, bees and in particular honeybees are under stress. Most knowledgeable people agree there is a problem. What we need is good information gleaned through scientific study. As always, a sound strategy is based on facts.

What are we doing?

We caution against disturbing honeybees and most of the time we can let nature take its course. However, if there is a safety concern, relocation is an option best done by professional beekeepers.

What can you do?

Arm yourself with knowledge – be informed. Read and follow the directions on the label.  Be responsible for your environment. Engage your friends and neighbors in conversation – they will benefit from the information.


I am a professional. I buy, store, and use products responsibly. The value of many years of training is worthy of consideration. In my business, just enough is just right.