What is a proper Termite inspection? Do you inspect inside and outside? What is the purpose of a Termite inspection?

A proper Termite inspection is the epitome of the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our technicians are trained and experienced to look for any signs of concern that may indicate a bigger problem that is not visible, or a future problem because of conducive conditions. Below are examples of what our technicians are looking for, that cause concern.

Interior inspection signs of concern:
– Damaged wood.
– Bubbling paint on molding.
– Dirt on sheetrock, in trim, and around windows and/or doors.
– Termite wings inside and/or around windows.
– Signs of moisture.
– Any inappropriate moisture regardless of the source (plumbing, roof leak, etc).

Exterior inspection signs of concern:
– Water damage.
– Untreated wood that has contact with the soil.
– Shelter dirt tubes running up the foundation.
– Disturbances to the ground where the treatment was applied, such as:

  • Flood damage (recent Hurricane produced heavy amount of rain!).
  • Landscaping changes.
  • Remodeling activity.
  • Pet or wildlife digging around the foundation.

No two structures are the same. There are risk factors. As experienced professionals, we can help identify and mitigate these conditions with proper Termite inspections.

Photo Credit: Gerald J. Lenhard, Louisiana State University, Bugwood.org