Winter Wood Piles

The weather is finally starting to cool off and the holidays are quickly approaching.  What is better this time of year than a nice fire in the fireplace?  Nothing!  There isn’t anything that can beat that warm, comfortable feeling of being curled up in front of a fireplace.  But beware!  Be very careful with the firewood you may bring in for that comfortable fire in the fireplace!  If not careful and aware, it is possible to bring insects into your home that are living in the wood.  Insects often live or take shelter in the wood that we stack outside our homes and bring into our homes for a nice fire in the fireplace.

To prevent these pests from sneaking into your home, there are several tips to follow.  First, you should always keep wood stacked away from your home.  Second, firewood taken into the home should be visually inspected.  Third, don’t take in an abundance of firewood inside your home because of any hiding pests.

While warming up your hot cocoa and starting a fire in the fireplace, the last thing you want to see are some pests trying to make your home their home before that log goes into the fire.  If you do find some that have snuck inside your warm home, please call Preferred Pest Control and become a Preferred customer.  And don’t forget the marshmallows for the hot cocoa!