5 Reasons NOT to DIY Your Bed Bug Treatment

Has your home been infested by reddish-brown bugs living in your bed or couch? Don’t be alarmed – bed bugs are extremely easy to transport, so they make their appearance in many households throughout the year. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Here are the top reasons you should not DIY (do-it-yourself) a bed bug treatment:

  1. Bed bugs are hard to find. They hide in many places the average person wouldn’t think to look.
  2. Bed bugs can live for 1 year without a blood meal. If you do not eradicate them completely, there is a great chance of them reproducing and infesting your space again.
  3. Treatment is intensive. Specific chemicals need to be used in certain areas to make a bed bug treatment as effective as possible.
  4. Bed bugs can live in harsh environments. Many people use only heat to exterminate bed bugs, but we’ve found that sometimes these hardy bugs can live right through a heat treatment.
  5. DIY treatments do not include a guarantee. Preferred Pest Control includes a guarantee in our bed bug treatment program to be sure your money is well-spent and your time is not wasted.


Be careful with DIY treatments – our technicians are trained to treat bed bugs in all harborage sites with the safest and most effective applications. If you decide to rid your home of bed bugs by yourself, you may miss a few and cause resistance in the survivors. The longer an infestation occurs, the more by-products (exoskeletons, droppings, pheromones) are left behind in your home. These can cause major health issues, so if you find even one bed bug, be sure to call Preferred Pest Control as soon as possible! We know that worrying about bed bugs affects your sleep habits, and your peace of mind is our top priority. Schedule an inspection with us today.