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Bed Bug Treatment Process

Bed Bug Treatment Process

Here in the greater Savannah region, it is the beginning of summer, and bed bugs are festering! This scalding heat seems to make everything worse, and that means our bed bug calls have been rolling in. These pests hide in your bedding, nightstands, dressers, upholstered furniture, closets…the list is never-ending! Preferred Pest Control will treat and prevent your bed bug infestation. Continue reading to learn more about our bed bug treatment process.


Take a deep breath. We've got this! From the first bite or sighting of your apple seed-sized bugs, contact us immediately. Our technicians and office assistants can help you determine where they've come from and how to prevent a future infestation. The first thing we'll do is schedule your bed bug inspection so we know we're applying the right product for the right pest. Next, we'll provide a detailed preparation list for you to complete before we return for your bed bug treatment. Thorough preparation is extremely important when eradicating bed bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

Once you've completed your prep list, we will schedule your treatment. On the day of your service, we ask that no pets or people are in the residence while the product is applied and for 1-2 hours while it dries. Our technicians use a common sense pest control technique known as IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to ensure the safety of your family while eradicating bed bugs at the same time. We provide and install bed bug mattress covers, and we use products that are specifically labeled to treat bed bugs. We've found these to be extremely effective and know that together, we can win the war against bed bugs.

Prevent Re-infestation

Lastly, we will provide a 30-day and a 60-day follow up to confirm your pest issue is resolved and there are no resistant stragglers still hanging around. At this point, it is a great idea to begin thinking about an ongoing pest control service. A preventative service is the best way to ensure bed bugs don't come back. We guarantee it! (Seriously, we're the only ones around with a bed bug guarantee?) We know bed bugs are scary; they cause stress and worry for many people. Even thinking about them can result in decreased sleep. Do yourself a favor and call Preferred Pest Control today! Allow our bed bug specialists to make your home feel comfortable again.

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