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What to Do When You Realize You Have Bed Bugs

What to Do When You Realize You Have Bed Bugs

Imagine this - one morning you wake up with red itchy bumps. Did a mosquito attack you in your sleep? You think nothing of it until the next morning when you find more bites! After further investigation, you notice the bites are grouped closely together and appear to be in a line down your arms, back, and legs. Then it hits you…your bed is infested with bed bugs!

GREAT NEWS! Bed bugs (Cimicidae) are highly treatable. Your next step is to check for evidence. Remove all bedding and use a flashlight to inspect all creases and crevices of your mattress and bed frame. Bed bugs are parasites that consume blood to survive, so they leave behind spots of dried blood. As they grow and mature, their exoskeleton is shed - it is large enough for you to see. In the creases of your mattress, you may also see bed bug excrement (feces/droppings).

It is pretty freaky to find something like this taking over your bed, but you're not alone! Data compiled for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)'s 2011 Bed Bugs in America Survey shows that 1 in 5 Americans have had a bed bug infestation in their home or know someone who has encountered them.

Once you've determined bed bugs are present in your home, you will need to choose a treatment plan. If you are a DIYer (do it yourself) like me, you might check the store for something to remedy the infestation. Many stores sell a variety of pesticides formulated specifically for bed bugs, but you may question how effective they are. As I've already stated - I love to do things by myself when possible. You should know, bed bug treatments are not something you should take on alone! These critters hide in too many places to count, and if you miss even one, you'll have an even bigger problem on your hands - bed bug resistance. They will not go away unless you get every single one of them.

A pest control company will provide for you the right information, a remedy for the infestation, follow-up checks, and peace of mind. Here at Preferred Pest Control, we call ourselves the bed bug specialists, and we offer a bed bug guarantee to our regular pest control customers in good standing. With our regular treatment programs, our customers do not have an issue with bed bugs, but if something out of the ordinary occurs, we will treat your home at no additional cost (some conditions apply)! Don't waste time, call us now! (912) 236-5135.