Bed Bugs: Nuisance Pest or Health Risk?

New research, published by North Carolina State University, reveals high levels of histamines released by bed bugs and the medical effects it has on humans. Harmful effects of histamines include allergic reactions, swelling, and troubled breathing. Histamine is naturally-occurring in bed bug feces and is used as a way for the species to aggregate and find a home. This leaves infested homes with histamine levels at 20 times the normal amount!
We have known for a long while that exposure to insect and rodent infestation by-products (droppings, urine, nesting materials, fleas, mites, etc.) are unhealthy for humans and their pets. Additionally, research shows that histamine may linger for months after successful extermination. If you have lived in your home for years and have never battled a bed bug infestation, you should not be overly concerned. If, however, you frequent hotels or have seen bed bugs in your home, you may have high levels of histamines in your home due to bed bugs. If you think your home may be infested, give Preferred Pest Control a call for a free inspection! Source: Pest Control Technology Magazine, June 2018