Bedbugs – Proactive or Reactive

Pay a little as you go or pay a lot later. Preferred has noticed that very few of our regular customers get bedbugs. Surely the reason for that has to be the regular service Preferred performs keeps a residual down that is labeled for bedbugs. So, when you travel or a relative comes and stays with you and leaves an unwelcome guest behind, hopefully our residual is doing its job and killing the bedbugs before they can establish themselves. Set up a service with Preferred Pest Control and maybe you will never need to do a bedbug eradication. It is a costly process and it is a lot of work for you and for me. Preferred Pest Control can do the work a little at a time or all at once. It is better and a lot cheaper to be proactive than to be reactive. So, if like most people, you would like to keep your money you should become a Preferred customer today.