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Do I Need Pest Control?

Do I Need Pest Control?

Anyone local to Savannah, Georgia knows how common pests are in this area. Roaches, snakes, and spiders are all every day visitors around most our homes. Our normally-mild climate offers comfortable conditions for many creatures that will invade for survival if conditions are extreme (too hot, cold, dry, or wet). Marshy areas near the coast harbor many pests; our not-so-cold weather allows them to survive, and the high outdoor temperatures push them inside as an escape.

Our technicians are trained to keep your home pest-free while keeping pets and children out of harm’s way. While servicing your home, pest control technicians (PCTs) inspect well-known harborage sites to solve any pest issue you may have. There is no substitute for training and experience, and the average person may not know where to check for pests or which product is best. Pest control done wrong can be dangerous, so please read and follow all directions on any store-bought products.

Another “do it yourself” problem is pest resistance. Many insects, especially roaches and bed bugs, are known to develop a resistance to the products being used to eradicate the population. Someone who is not trained in pest control might think using an excessive amount of store-bought chemicals will rid their home of pests, but that could just cause more issues. An experienced PCT knows what product will work best in your home and where to apply it.

Whether you’re doing your own pest control, or you have a company providing the service for you, don’t forget – prevention is key! Call us today for a quote on your home.


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