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German vs Asian Roaches

German vs Asian Roaches

The other day, I was walking through my garage and saw a tiny cockroach scurrying past to get outside. It ran straight for the leaves and mulch, but I saw a stripe on its back as it was passing. I freaked out because I assumed it was a German cockroach - this type of roach is the one most feared! They multiply by what seems like an hour, and they take longer than average to clear from your home. When I returned to work the following day, I asked a coworker about the roach to see if they would have any advice for me. They kindly explained it was probably an Asian roach. But what are the differences between German and Asian roaches?

Asian roaches live outside in the wet, organic debris surrounding your home. This may include pine straw, fallen leaves, or mulch - especially if it's not in direct sun and therefore cannot be dried thoroughly. They consume this organic material more often than taking over your home, looking for food scraps.

"GREAT!" I thought. So, the German roach lives inside, and my roaches live outside. But is it that cut and dry? Of course not! You shouldn't base your assumption on where you see one cockroach running. Roaches will run from people and light, so you should do a little more research to see what you may be dealing with. Take a second to read our previous blog, German Roaches vs Asian Roaches, to learn more about the anatomy of each roach. Scroll to the bottom of this post for an infographic created just for you!

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Infographic showing a bullet list of differences between German and Asian roaches.

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