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Honeybees Are Not Your Enemies

Honeybees Are Not Your Enemies

There are two types of people in the world: those who run screaming when they see a bee and those who swat it down. Here at Preferred Pest Control, we like to inspect the bee to see what kind it is. Honeybees are the most popular type of bee and according to Harvard research, they are in serious danger due to various factors. While most people know about Honeybees, there are also many other types of bees around us. Ground nesting bees are non-aggressive pollinating bees that live underground and do not create the average bee hive.

In a ground nesting bee colony, one queen bee and many male bees live together. They dig tunnels underground where eggs are laid and develop into adult bees. They are beneficial to the environment and generally do not stay for long! Their nesting area can be identified by a cone-shaped pile of dry soil with a hole in the middle (about the size of one bee). While these bees will not set out to hurt you, the females can sting and will do so if you handle them. Males cannot sting. Please do not apply any chemicals to their nest sites - they help keep spring crops in our grocery stores! Instead of purchasing an insecticide at your local garden store, please contact us as Preferred Pest Control! We would be happy to provide information about bees and protecting their populations.

Honey bees

Honey bee transporting pollen

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