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IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

We strive to create a safe space free of pests each time we service your home or business. By using IPM (Integrated Pest Management), our technicians apply products only when needed and only in inaccessible areas. The knowledge your pest control technician holds is invaluable.

If you see pests, reach for the phone before hitting the store. A few minutes of research will show you there are various options for ridding your home of these annoying pests. Liquid treatment, granular bait, fumigation - which is the best option for you? That depends on multiple factors: location, type of pest, frequency of visitors in your home, climate, environment, the list goes on!

In-store pesticides may seem to be a fast fix, but you're missing the knowledge of product application if you're not a registered pest control technician. Without this, you may be using too little or too much product, placing the product in an unsafe or dangerous area, exposing the products to environmental factors that make the application less useful, or using the wrong product altogether! A pest control technician (PCT) who is registered and current in pest management practices will know how to use IPM (integrated pest management) to clear pests out of your home.

Let Preferred Pest Control treat the pest you've got! We can't wait to get your home feeling like home again.

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