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Keep Pests Out This Winter!

Keep Pests Out This Winter!

The weather is getting cold outside and there is an abundance of critters and creatures that want to warm up inside your house. Spiders are looking for food, roaches are looking for warmth and water, and wild animals are looking for a cozy place to cuddle up. Not only are these pests a bother, they can carry diseases and other harmful pathogens.

To avoid wild animals entering your home, you can do a few things to discourage their presence: cap your chimney, place screens in your windows, and make sure vents to the outside are screened properly. As a major convenience, temp vents are available at your local home & garden store, they automatically open and close as needed. If you don’t tend to these openings in your home, roaches and ants will find their way in and then rats, mice, and snakes will soon follow!

You should also note: trash and debris provide harborage for many pests, so keep outside trashcans covered, cut vegetation away from your house, and clean up any debris in the yard and anything propped against your house.

If you want to cuddle up inside with your hot chocolate, but without the spiders and roaches, you should call Preferred Pest Control for preventative care before they sneak in this winter! Our licensed and highly experienced technicians can evaluate your home and the surrounding area to decide the best course of action in keeping pests out of your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, call us today!

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Squirrel hiding in eave

Capped chimney & clean yard