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Ongoing Education Keeps Us on Top

Ongoing Education Keeps Us on Top

“Does your bug guy even know what he’s doing, or is he just spraying around my house?” is a question we hear a little too often. Our pest control technicians (PCTs) are doing exactly what they’re trained to do. They treat your pest issue and are always on the lookout for new problems. PCTs must complete ongoing education to keep on top of the industry!

Requirements for Pest Control Technicians

To begin providing services, you need to pass an extensive exam to become a registered pest control technician. This registration allows a PCT to perform the  services we offer (pest, bed bug, and termite control). Each type of service requires a separate training exam and registration. After their initial hands-on training and licensing exam, they must upkeep their registration by completing continuing education courses. Generally, these courses are in-person or video-based and are taught by a licensed professional.

Continuing Education Material

Continuing education courses often include material related to new procedures and techniques as well as new products and technology on the market. Regularly reading new material keeps us on the cutting-edge of the pest control industry. It takes a lot of work, but our techs are up for it! Each month, we receive magazines like Pest Control Technology or Pest Management Professional. Our technicians read these to learn what is working for other companies and how to work around any current issues they’re facing. These magazines also help us stay up-to-date on new products that are released between training courses and any scientific data that may be of use to us.

Did you know, each of your pest control services depends on the last? Your PCT will know exactly what product was used, the amount of product, and where the product was placed. Did the pest issue decrease, stay the same, or increase? PCTs use all of this information to decide what course of action to take next, and it takes a high level of knowledge to make these decisions. We love our technicians and want to shout a big “THANK YOU” to them for keeping us free of roaches, bed bugs, and spiders!


Pest control technicians grouped together in classroom attending a continuing education course.

Technicians in training


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